Saturday, July 7, 2012

Temple Workers

Samoa Temple
The good news for this week, is we are working at the temple again. They are now having English Sessions every morning at 6:00 and every evening at 5:45 p.m.  An interesting side note is that our daughter Heather said that Bob's release had just come from the Mesa temple.

They put us right to work.  I worked as a room follower and Bob worked as the officiator at the 5:45 p.m. session on Tuesday. We both had the opportunity of helping with the initiatory even though we hadn't studied it since we left the Mesa Temple.  There was a wonderful spirt in the temple.  The Samoan brothers and sisters were so happy to have our help.  One sister asked if we had been called to a temple mission.  I told her no, that we worked at the mission office during the day.  Bob also worked Wednesday morning and was the officiator again on that sesssion.  This picture was taken at night when we got home from one of our walks.  We thought that is was beautiful to have the moon over the temple. 

We often take drives around the island on our weekend.  This is one picture that I thought was especially pretty.  For the fourth of July we had a barbecue at the mission home and barbecued hot dogs.  The other meat we get here is pretty tough.  We have had Heather send us some canned chicken several times and the ground beef is pretty good.  Everyone brought a side dish and we enjoyed a nice fourth with the couples.  Our mission in Samoa has 19 couples who serve here in various capacities.  We have temple missionaries, seminary and institue teachers, membership support, dentist, office, auditing, and member records.  The dentist who serves here put together a D.V.D. on brushing teeth and we showed it to our ward on Friday.  There are a lot of people in Samoa that have problems with their teeth and our dental couple give their services here for free.  We taught them how to brush their teeth, floss and what they can do if they have infected gums.  Our ward is Samoan, so the DVD was in Samoan.  I had Sister Key, a sister in our ward, translate the things that I told the sisters.  It was a good evening.  The sisters brought several items that they had made out of bananas.  They had everything from banana chips, to banana casserole and of course banana splits and banana pudding.  We love serving in Samoa. 

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  1. Loving hearing all your news and updates. You are doing a great job and in paradise at the same time!

    Love, Marilyn