Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Amazing Coconut

This week we had a family home evening with the other seniors and learned about the many uses for the coconut milk, coconut shell, coconut outter shell and even the leaves of the coconut. The people ue the inside of the coconut for pulesami and coconut drinks.  They use the outside shell to make the talking stick for the Matai and use it for kindling for their umu. (which is a pit made for cooking their dinners)  They use the coconut leaves to make baskets, bowls, fans, and brooms.  They also use the leaves on their roofs as shingles.  The vein of the coconut leaves is very stiff and they use it to tie the leaves down on their roofs and to make a very stiff broom that is quite effective. 

Mat made from dried coconut palms

Talking stick (on shoulder) made from outter coconut fibers

Fan made from dried coconut palms

visor, headbands, and helicopter made from coconut palms

Sister Osborne & Pearl Leota learning to make baskets

roof of fale made from coconut palms

The basket also makes a good hat

broom made from coconut spine

bowl made from coconut palms
They served a drink made from coconut milk with tapioca pudding. It's amazing how they use their resources to make their life's better. 

Upolu East Zone
spring flowers

More flowers
We also went to a zone meeting this week.  We met with the Upolu East Zone and learned how to start teaching a new investigator.  It is now Spring in Samoa and I loved seeing some of the new blossoms that are appearing around the island. 

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