Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Savaii Trip a little late

The bay by our hotel

We promised that we would take pictures of our Savaii trip for our faithful missionary moms and dads. So this email will be mostly pictures. The Savaii trip was a lot of fun. The missionaries were in good spirits and loved getting together for our Christmas Zone Conference. We started with a devotional and then watched a movie that the A.P.'s put together of all the zones singing Christmas songs. We then watched skits, had a wonderful luncheon, and the missionaries played games under the guidance of President Leota. The favorite game was dodge ball.
Sister Hanson, Sister Mariner, Sister Tuivaiti, Sister Partridge
Since the cyclone hit, we wanted to let you know that all of the missionaries are safe.  They are currently serving the people.  Many homes are filled with mud and trees have been destroyed.  They are doing their part to piece together the community.  You can  be proud of your son or daughter for the service that they are giving in Samoa.
Savaii Missionaries and staff

Elder Fisher and Elder Swenson


Elder Stevens with his lunch

More skits


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these photos.

  2. Thanks for the pictures of Elder Fisher! I knew he was out there somewhere! Thanks for the blog and letting us participate.