Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello and Goodbye

Missionaries going home 

 We had a group of missionaries leaving on the 24th of this month.  They were all going to the states except one that went to American Samoa.  We love seeing the missionaries before they go home.  They are all so full of the spirit and gratitude for the opportunity to serve a mission.  We had two sets of parents come to Samoa to pick up their sons.  Elder Priday and Elder Tingey are going to take their parents to Savaii and to visit some of the members that they were able to influence while on their missions.  This was kind of a leap of faith for the parents to come after the cyclone and with another one threatening.  We are happy to report that the other cyclone didn't come near Samoa and that all the missionaries are doing well. 

Elder and Sister Johnson
Elder and Sister Partridge

 We have a couple that will be taking our place named Elder and Sister Johnson.  They serve as the auditors in Samoa and have taken on an additional responsibility of the office so that we can go home.  There aren't many couples applying for missions right now, so tell your friends to sign up and the Lord will bless them in their service. 

Couples outing

We have enjoyed serving in the mission office and being acquainted with your fine young sons.  This has brought great joy into our lives.  We still have a few more years to work, so my husband has a job in Sierra Vista, Arizona at Fort Huachuca as a senior systems analyst.  I haven't worked for several years because I was a stay at home mom.  So, the office has been a really fun experience for me.  It has been a delight working with you as parents and being a part of your children's lives.  We will miss working in the office and appreciate all you have done to make this such an enjoyable experience. 

We had an excursion with some of the seniors on Saturday to Vavau and an area call the trenches.  Pockets of water have formed in various areas including a private swimming area.  Those who are brave swim through a cave to the ocean from the swimming area.  We are told it is an area of about 12 feet.  We didn't try the cave, but enjoyed the swimming hole and ocean.  At Vavau we snorkeled.  The area we started in was quite shallow, but on the other side there were some deep areas.  It was fun to watch the fist swim around the coral.  I was following a yellow fish that got quite nervous.  We saw some dark blue fish, yellow striped, slim and elongated.  When  we got back in the car to come home it started to rain.  We were blessed with a beautiful day to swim. 

One of the fun things about serving a mission has been becoming acquainted with the other couples that serve here.  We have couples serving in the temple, membership support, teach the teachers,seminary and Institute, Perpetual Education, Medical, Auditing, Dental, Public affairs, and office.  We have 32 senior missionaries serving in Samoa.

This will be our last blog as we are returning home.  We wish you the best and thank you for being part of our lives.

Elder and Sister Partridge


  1. You did tell the Johnsons they must start a blog and share it with missionary parents like you have, didn't you? Bless you for all your help with not just the members but with our missionaries! Colleen Fisher

  2. Likewise... We loved reading your blogs... You described things better than our sons would have... Lol. Tank yu again nd ay god bless you both. The pophams of new Zealand.

    1. Thank you. We loved being part of your life.

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