Friday, February 17, 2012

First week at the M.T.C.

We finished up our first week at the M.T.C. It has been a wonderful experience for both of us. We have loved getting to know the other couples that are serving missions in various parts of the world. There is a couple that are on their fourth mission. In our study group we had a couple going to Russia, Temple Square, and Pennsylvania. In the entire group we had a Chinese couple that were going to Canada and a Spanish lady that was going to Mexico. There were people going to Korea, Philippines, Hawaii, Australia, Ukraine, Hungary, Ghana, France, Puerto Rico, and various places in the states.
In our study groups we learned to give the lessons in our own words and to bear testimony of the principle we were teaching. We had teaching experiences with pretend investigators. The first lady we taught was 70 years old and had been a jockey. She didn’t have a good relationship with her parents, but had found God after an accident. We taught her the first lesson on the restoration of the gospel.

 We later taught a man a second discussion. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good experience too. We learned how to work with the members in the wards by being sensitive to the spirit.

We had Elder Clarke come and talk to us on Tuesday night. He told us that our influence would be great if we love our companion. We won’t have trouble with that one. He also talked about fasting and prayer and counseling with the Lord. He told us that if we were obedient that the Savior’s arms would be around us.

 We have had a very cute young man teach us Samoan, at least he is trying. He taught us how to say the vowels and helped us write out our testimonies so that we can bear them tonight. To say I believe Jesus is my Savior we say: “ ou te ‘iloa o Iesu Keriso o lo’u Fa’aola”. You’ll have to ask us when we get home if we can bear our testimonies.

 The food here has been wonderful. It is amazing to us to see all the young men, sisters, and couples here at the M.T.C. It is a place of much activity and learning.


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  1. What a great experience you are having...Samoa is gorgeous!! Can't wait to read more. You'll love working with the missionaries - that is the best part of a mission.