Monday, February 13, 2012


Today we enter the M.T.C.  We have had many tender mercies while preparing to serve the Lord.  Bob got a job in Sierra Vista for five weeks and was nervous about telling them we would be leaving sooner.  His boss was very kind and told him that they would love to have him come back when our mission is complete.

I applied for a passport and expediated it so it would come sooner.  We were having our mail forwarded from Mesa to Sierra Vista.  Every day I would check the mail hoping that it would be there.  I left on Wednesday to come back home because we needed to get a police clearance and some blood tests for a Visa application.  Bob checked the mail on Thursday and Friday and there was still no Visa.

Our mail came back to Mesa on Friday and I said a prayer that morning that my Passport would be there with trepidation I checked the mail that day.  To my great surprise the passport was in the mailbox.  The post office had held it until we returned,.  I was so grateful.

The bishop had asked us to bear our testimonies on fast Sunday since they hadn't scheduled a time for us to speak in Sacrament Meeting.  Kevin Kellis, the counselor in the bishopric called to see if he could come over that morning.  As he spoke with us about what they would like us to say, he inquired about our home.  We told him that we would just be locking it up.  He asked if we would be interested in renting it to some people like us that were empty nesters.  We said that we didn't really have time to do it.  He said that he and his wife would be interested in renting our home.

So the next few days we cleared out our dated food storage and sent it home with Heather and gave some to Justin.  We spent all week taking all of our furniture and belongings downstairs so that we could rent the upstairs.  We sold our cars to Justin and Heather.  Bob rented a car for our last day in Mesa.  As we got in the rental car and watched the garage door go down for the final time, we both breathed a sigh of relief. 

Now on to the next adventure.  It is snowing in Utah so I am glad that I brought my coat.  We are anxious for the next period in our lives.  It has been a whirlwind of activities these past few weeks and we are looking forward to this wonderful growing experience.


  1. I am so glad that you set up this blog. We are so excited to hear how things go for you. It will be a new adventure. Take care of yourselves and keep in touch.