Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday, Anniversary, and Conference

Well we celebrated our 33rd anniversay this week and Bob's -- birthday.  He doesn't like me to reveal how old he is, but he is my age now.  We got a package from our daughter Heather with cool things like an apple corer, wheat thins, spray cheese, and muffin mixes.  I ordered Bob a haircutter from Wal-Mart and both of these packages showed up on his birthday.  We also got a nice anniversay card from our daughter Heather and Bob got a Birthday card with coloring from Rebecca.  She is a budding artist. 

When we went home for lunch, Elder Hanson brought the zone leaders to our apartment to sing Happy Birthday to him.  They brought along Elder Hanson's ukuele.  So, of course we had to take pictures. 

That evening we went to our ward choir practice and then out to dinner at Kokobananas.  It was a very nice dinner.

Today we got up early so we could watch conference at the Pesega Stake Center.  The sessions were at 6:00 and 9:00 a.m.  We have grown to appreciate these early meeting times because we don't have air conditioning in our chapels.  We have ceiling fans and window slats that we open to let in air.  Conference was wonderful the second time and we are looking forward to listening to it again on our MP3 players as well.  After conference we stayed for ward choir pratice.  The man who plays for the choir is actually from another ward and teaches at the church school.  He is very talented.  There are very few people that can play the piano in our ward, so we are grateful for his musical talents.  We stayed and practiced till after 12:00 and we were very hot.  I need to keep reminding myself that most of the Samoan people do not have nice homes and air conditioners.  They bring homemade fans with them at church and will fan the missionaries.  They are very respectful and kind to the missionaries. 

We love working in Samoa and love the people here. 

We had 14new missionaries come this week and 12 of them are from Samoa.  Many of the Samoan's have a hard time getting Visa's, so they serve in their own country.  It was a busy time because we had all the new trainers coming to the mission offices and also the missionaries that were being transfered.  Bob handles the travel for all the missionaries and our mission covers three islands.  So, he had a lot of work to do getting missionaries in and out for the transfers.  We both went ot the airport along with the assistants and the Leota's to greet the missionaries.  The most fun part of our mission is interacting with the missionaries.  They are wonderful.

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