Thursday, April 26, 2012

FHE and Mission Presidents Seminar

We had Family Home Evening with all the couples this week.  I was able to sing for this with two other sisters and Elder Preece who used to sing in the Tabernace Choir.  We sang "Christ of the Islands, Lord of the Sea".  We got several compliments so I guess it went well.  Elder Zwich was there for our family home evening and he and his wife spoke to us.  She spoke of when they were called to preside over the mission in Chile as a mission president and his wife.  They had one day of training and took the former mission president to the airport.  When they got home, they had a call from one of their missionaries.  He said, "You don't know me, but I'm one of your missionaries.  I was doing a baptism interview at the chapel and some terrorists came in.  They asked me to remove all my clothes in front of the seminary students that were there and they sat my clothes on fire and set the chapel on fire.  I am standing at the phone booth in a trench coat, what do I do now?"  Sister Zwich stood there with her three small children and said, "I'm out of here".  Her eight year old son turned to her and said "Jesus will help you."  She said that they have done some very hard things, but she testified that the Lord is always there to help.
Misisonaries that sung at the Mission President's seminar

Pineapple growing in our front yard

Farewell to Elder Funaki (next to me)
We had the Pacific Area Mission Presidents Seminar this week, so the President has been gone. They are having it in town at a luxury motel called Aggie Greys. A group of missionaries from the area including us went and sang to them yesterday. It was a fun experience. I will enclose a photo of some of the missionaries.

We are getting more acquainted with some of the missionary couples. Tonight we are going out to dinner with the Harker’s and The Roth’s. The Roth’s are actually a dental volunteer couple. They clean  peoples teeth pulling them and fixing cavities for free. This is a service the church provides for the people in Samoa. Bob is going to get his teeth cleaned next week and I need to get in too. They do everything for free even for the senior couples. Dentist have sent them free supplies for free to set up their dental practice. We had a couple from Payson that served here before them, but they were called as missionaries. I guess there was a change so they are now called volunteers.

 We are going to go to Savaii with our ward tomorrow. So, this should be an interesting experience. We go there on a ferry and will have lunch there and then come back. It’s always fun to do something different.


  1. love reading your posts! I did , for a sec. think about running into you at Women's Conference and then snapped back to reality that you were in Samoa!

  2. I hope that you had a good time at Women's Conference.