Saturday, June 23, 2012

piano lessons

I have five piano students and have offered to teach them for free if they practice.  For the past two weeks none of them have shown up.  This week I had one show up on Thursday.  She is doing very well and has access to a keyboard.

One of our A.P.'s who is a Samoan from Magna Utah asked me if I would teach him the piano.  So, we had our first lesson this week on a keyboard that we keep in the conference room. 

Afulua who is the mission housekeeper, said that her daughter would like to take lessons also.  Samoan's are very laid back people and just do things if it is convenient.  So, I have them come to the mission home if they want a lesson.

I have been playing the keyboard for Relief Society, which has been a challenge for me.  I'm a very nervous piano player and have about 30 songs that I can play relatively well if I don't panic.  Every week I ask them to give me the songs ahead of time, which they never do.  I have tried calling the Bishop's wife who is a counselor and she never knows what the songs are.  I have decided that I will just practice a few new songs every week and give them the list of songs to choose from.  Of course there is the language difference too.  They had never heard Our Savior's Love before, which surprised me.  They often sing Children of our Heavenly Father which I hadn't heard before.  They have several songs in their hymn book that are unique to Samoa.  They also have their own version of the way some of the songs are sung which makes it sound like I am playing the wrong notes.  It has been an adventure, but I have decided that I have been called to serve them and will do my best.

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