Friday, June 8, 2012


Today Bob and I took a drive to Sauniatu. In the early days of the church in Samoa, the saints were persecuted by the nonmembers and the Matai's.  The church bought 800 acres in the mountains where the saints could live in peace.    President David O McKay visited them in 1921 riding a horse up to visit with them.  He told his story for the first time of his mission when he saw the plaque that said, "What Ere Thou Art Act Well Thy Part".  When the meeting was over he was ready to return to Pesega because he had a meeting there with some government officials.  The saints lined up and sang "Tofa My Feleni" which is a traditional song of farewell in Samoa.  The fathers and mothers all came forward for a blessing and he received all of them even though he had to leave.  After that, he blessed all of the children.  They all followed after him crying.  He felt impressed to return and leave a blessing for the people.  The people recorded this blessing and buried the paper on the spot of the blessing.  A year later they erected a monument to honor this sacred occasion.

They have a school up there now and a Fale which has a bust of President David O McKay and carvings of life in Samoa.  They also have a graveyard for some of the people that lived there.  President McKay said that he felt it was like a Nauvoo for the saints and that to him it looked like a Garden of Eden. 

What Ere Thou Art

Monument for Pres. McKay
David O McKay bust

David O McKay fale
We also stopped at the Fagalii Cemetery on the way home where some missionaries were buried.  So we learned a little history of Samoa today.  We are doing well and love the Samoan people.

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