Friday, March 2, 2012

Shopping in the market

It has been a busy week learning our new duties and how to eat. We have been fed dinner several times so that has made it easier. The only 2 meals we fixed for ourselves were spaghetti with no parmeasn cheese :(, and french toast. We have been alternating between cereal and eggs with toast in the mornings and some form of peanut butter or cheese sandwich for lunch. It's kind of fun to be able to walk home for lunch, since we live only about 100 yards from the mission home.

If you look at the attached picture you'll see our house marked with a yellow highlight and circled in blue. It's a duplex. The mission nurse and her husband live in the other unit. The white square like building in the upper left corner is the mission home. And of course you can see the temple in the right corner.

We went shopping today at 4 markets to get what we needed to eat. I will have to send pictures next time. We went to a bulk wholesale place, 2 grocery markets and the open market. It was quite an adventure. This afternoon I have to take the missionaries that are going to American Samoa to the airport and then the Senior Missionaries are going to have dinner at the beach on the south side of the island today. So we will head over there.

We received our first group of new missionaries since we've been here Thursday. They are heading out to their areas today. We have a BYU football player and a BYU-Hawaii basketball player in the group. It was fun orientating them and getting acquainted. We had a dinner for them last night.

 Kathy has had a pretty bad cough and hasn't been feeling well. It turned out that she had a sinus infection. The mission nurse arranged for her a prescription of anti-biotics and now she seems to be getting better.

It is an honor to be part of this great missionary effort. I see our Heavenly Fathers hand in many ways helping with His work.

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