Friday, March 23, 2012

Today we stopped at Farmer Joe's (not like in the states) on the way to McDonald's to get us some juice, since they haven't had juice the past two weeks. Bob ordered us some egg McMuffin's at McDonald's and they said they were all out of breakfast food.  This was at 8:00 a.m.  So we walked down to the beach and drank our juice and then stopped at some stores on the way home.  

We took a drive to the West side of the Island where they have the Ferry to Savaii.  It was very beautiful and it was nice to get away from the office.  Bob and I work Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 at the mission office.  It is cool though because we get to rub shoulders with the Leota's and the missionaries.  We love the A.P.'s they are really good missionaries.  Elder Bailey has been here too because he has been ill.

Our mission sponsored a defensive driving class this week at the church across from the mission home.  They had all of the couples go to this.  It was a pretty basic course where they discussed the signs on the roads.  Afterwards they gave us a test.  They went through another paper with us and we could copy the answers from a booklet they handed out. In the afternoon they had Bob take a drive with the instructor because I forgot to bring my license.  
We have been out to dinner twice this week.  On Friday we went ot an Italian Restaurant with eight couples that are serving missions here.  They are all about ten years older than us and have served several missions.  They have many interesting stories to tell.  Afterwards we went to scoops for ice cream.  Little children would come up to us begging for us to buy things from them.  Wherever we go people are selling things such as fans, q-tips, fruit and vegetables from their gardens, and lobster.  They wave fans to keep the flies off.  Most of the people here are farmers or fishermen.  Only about 15% of the people have a college education. 

Coconut Trees by beach

village market

Ferry that goes to Savaii

Elder Partridge, The Johnson's, Elder Preece

Italian dinner
We are loving our mission and love having the opportunity to serve in Samoa.

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