Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome to Papapapaitai Falls

Even people who know Samoan have a hard time pronouncing the name of this water fall.  You pronounce it Papa-Papa-ee-tie. According to one of the assistants in the Mission Home. You pronounce it Papa-Pa-Pie-Tawi according to the Samoan Visitors authority.  The first pronounciation makes more sense because it means "Great inland water".

When you live on an island you have three choices for a Saturday afternoon drive. You can drive around to the west end of the island. You can drive towards the east end of the island. Or you can find one of 2 or 3 cross island roads. We took one of the cross island roads and came across this water fall. This water fall can be quite spectacular after a rain storm, which we had Saturday morning.  We didn't go all the way across to the south side of the island but here's the view from where we decided to turn around. I haven't mastered landscape photography with my iPhone yet.

There weren't many entries in my "Price is Right" game 2 weeks ago but the winner was Heather with 50% correct answers.  She wins a weeks supply of Samoan Bananas. The pineapple was 7 Tala, the tomatoes were 6 Tala, lettuce was 4 Tala and the bananas were 3 Tala.  Pineapples are out of season right now and so they are more expensive. I'm told when Pineapple season starts in June we will be able to purchase large Pineapples for 2 Tala or .89 USD.

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  1. I don't see very many "comments" posted after your blog entries. I hope that doesn't mean they aren't being read (double negative - read carefully).

    Anyway, I enjoy your blogs and read them weekly. Hope all is well.