Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elder Watson & Fire Dancers

Elder Watson and his wife are in Samoa on a mission tour.   They spoke to the missionaries in our area on Monday.  Elder Watson spoke on Preach My Gospel.  He said that too many people are leaving the church in our families and also new converts.  The object of Preach My Gospel is to convert the missionary so that when they go home from their mission they will be faithful and have strong testimonies.  Sister Watson also spoke to us on the Articles of Faith.  She counseled the missionaries to memorize the articles of faith and to use them in their teaching.

We enjoyed going to a dinner with all the missionary couples and the Watson's that evening at Scalleni's which is a restaurant that has Italian food.  The menu we were offered wasn't Italian, but the food was very good.  We ordered rib eye steak which was actually quite pink inside, but it was very tasty.  The entree was a lamb salad which was actually some small pieces of lamb cut up on a bed of mashed potatoes with a pea sauce.  The dessert was either cheese cake or strawberry breaded dessert.  It was all very good.

We love our drives around the island.  Here are some pictures of our beautiful island.

Institute building

Ocean shot

Coconut trees and bread fruit
Elder Partridge and I took a missionary to the airport Monday evening.  He was waiting on a Visa to Australia.  We took him to the airport at 11:30 p.m. and took his picture and sent him on his way.  He is from Samoa and was serving here temporarily until he got his Visa.  He hugged us both and seemed happy to be able to go to Australia.

President Leota was on tour with the Watson's this week.  They went to Savaii and Pago, which is American Samoa.  He was speaking to the missionaries and speaking in stake conferences.  They are still here and will be leaving on Tuesday.  So Elder Partridge and I did what we could to help out while they were gone.

We had new missionaries come from the states yesterday.  We were invited to a dinner with them on Saturday for lunch.  We oriented them on the mission office in the afternoon.  Their is actually a missionary that knows Bob's brother Paul his name is Elder Saleapaga.  We love meeting the new missionaries, they have such great spirits and are so anxious to serve the Lord.

Last night we went with some missionary couples out to dinner at Coconuts.  I had Chicken Parmesan and Bob had tuna.  They had a show afterwards including a fire dance at a resort by the ocean.  It was a really nice show.  We are surprised that we have already been on our mission for three months.  The time has really been going quickly.

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