Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

spider orchid and candy lei's
Today I had a wonderful day at church for Mother's Day.  Many of the sisters kissed me on the cheek (Samoan custom) and wished me a Happy Mother's Day.  One of the sisters gave me the spider orchid lei that her children had given her for Mother's Day.  She said that she wanted to give it to me because I didn't have family here.  Some of the the other sisters brought me candy lei's.  The bishop spoke to the members about treating their mother's well and the stake president came into Relief Society and wished us a Happy Mother's Day.  Many of the women wear white dresses for Mother's Day.  They are a very kind and loving people.


  1. So good to finally catch up with you through your blog. You look like you're having the time of your life! Happy be-lated anniversary and birthday to Bob. Beautiful country! Hope everything is going well with your family here in the states. Thanks for sharing your mission with us! Miss you and Love You Lots! Michelle

  2. Good to hear from you Michelle. Thanks for the good wishes. Enjoy your young women, they are precious.