Friday, May 11, 2012

Samoan Experiences

This week we have had several what I would call Samoan experiences.  On Tuesday our ward had their temple day and three of their ward members were getting their endowments.  So, Bob and I went hoping that we could be on this session and be with our ward members.  When I got in the dressing room there were about ten ladies waiting to get their new name.  When I got dressed I asked the lady in front of me what was going on.  The session was full, they only have 49 seats.  So we all put on our robes and went to the sealing room. When we got into the sealing room, the sealer told us that it was going to be in Samoan.  Bob said it was fine as long as he nodded at us when it was time to say ioe.  Each couple would do one sealing and then we would have one son sealed to us and one daughter an then it was another couples turn.  We did this until all the names were done.  We couldn't understand a word they said, but the spirit was still strong.

On Wednesday evening they had a mother and daughter activity for Mother's Day.  All of us including little girls walked to the temple and then we sat around on the black top and curb and had a little meeting.  We had an opening song by one of the primary children sung in English and then Samoan and then the counselor in the Relief Society bore her testimony.  They had hid items around the grass and behind the bushes.  We were to find them and then bear our testimony about how this reminded us of the temple.  I was paired of with the bishop's neice who was a non member.  Her item was a treasure chest.  I asked her what she would put in the chest.  She said that she would put special items in it and then she would share it with everyone.  This is not what I was thinking she would say.  I told her that she would probably hide it in a drawer and just bring it out to show to special people.  I told her that the temple was like that because we wanted to keep it safe.  I think this went over her head, but the meeting was really nice.  Different items that were talked about was the scriptures, the faith in God Book, a white shirt, a tie, a book on the young men and young women's standards.  When they were done.  We all walked back to the church and sat on the curb and ice cream and cookies. 

Morning shot by wharf

Mother & Daughter activity

Me, Caroline (Relief Society President) baby boy
This morning Bob went to the temple to help with baptisms for the dead for the youth.  One of the members had asked him to print off two family names so that they could take them to the temple.  They had the names done by some of the youth.  At 9:00 they had a Mother's Day breakfast.  They had loud music and wanted us all to share our talents (hula) before we ate our breakfast.  Afterwards we had quite a breakfast feast.  They had three different kinds of scrambled eggs two or three different kinds of large sausage, some pastries, fruit, bread, sandwiches, coconut, and papaya.  The ladies loaded up their plates it was incredible.  In their defense, I think this was probably the big meal of the day for them.  Afterwards they started to dance again.  There was a mother there with her baby boy and I went over and took him and held him.  I danced with him for a little while and then rocked him till he fell asleep.  This made my Mother's Day because I miss my sweet little grandson and granddaughters.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

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