Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's hard to believe it's October already

This week we completed our transfer by sending 5 missionaries over to Tutuila.  The US government has tightened the restrictions on sending missionaries that are non US citizens.  They wanted 3 weeks to do the paperwork.  We managed to complete it in just under 2 weeks.  Here is a picture of the happy missionaries after their arrival in Pago Pago along with Elder and Sister Jordan, the senior couple that is assigned there. They served in Samoa with other missionaries while they were waiting for permits.
Elder Jordan, Sister Jordan, Elder Jackson, Sister Faiupu, Elder Hansen, Sister Feleti Elder Ah Wong
Elders Jackson & Ah Wong are from New Zealand, Sister Feleti is from Tonga and Sister Faiupu is from Samoa.  Elder Hansen is from Massachusetts and was only delayed because he had to wait for his companion to be cleared to travel.

We enjoyed part of the first session of General Conference this morning. We weren't certain we would be able to watch but when we checked last night we found that the BYU channel was working and BYU was playing Utah State.  The picture wasn't very good but the sound came through fine.  They announced the score was 3-0 when I turned on so I thought maybe they were playing baseball but then BYU scored a touchdown to make it 6-3.  We got home from church in time to see most of the Saturday afternoon session.  Next Saturday and Sunday we will see all of conference over at our Stake Center. The Women's meeting will be shown tonight and Priesthood meeting will be shown next Sunday night.

We celebrated a birthday this week for Sister Partridge.  We worked in the temple on her birthday so we went out to dinner on Wednesday to celebrate to Scallinis. 

Saturday our new Area Medical Advisor, Dr. Andersen and his wife, arrived to tour the mission.  We had dinner with them Saturday night. They gave us some interesting insights into some of the medical challenges the missionaries around the world face as they serve the Lord.

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