Saturday, October 27, 2012

Temple Service

This week we had a very busy day at the temple on Tuesday.  We had a large group of patrons show up for the 4:30 sesssion, so they were carried over to the 5:45 session.  So, we consequently also had a large 5:45 session.  Every locker on the women's side was taken and some of the sisters had to double up.  The Samoan people are very patient, they just went and waited in the foyer for the next session.  We often have wards come and stay in patron housing.  They stay all week and do as many sessions as they can. They can do two sessions in the morning and two more in the evening, since the temple is closed after the 10:00 a.m. session until the 4:30 p.m. session.  It's always wonderful to be in the temple.
Apia Samoa Temple

I often thing about the parable of the rich man that had a man named Lazarus at his gates begging for food.  The rich man did nothing to relieve him, but the dogs licked the sores on his feet.  When the rich man died he went to hell and he looked up and saw Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham.  He called out and asked Abraham to have Lazarus come and serve him.  He was told no, this man had a tough life and now he was bing blessed.  I often think of the Samoan people and how they have so little, but are very faithful.  I know that they are very loved by the Lord.

spring flowers
We went to the Upolu FS Zone this week for their zone meeting.  Elder Taue and Elder Lesa are the zone leaders and their entire zone is Samoan.  They had us each share a few things.  I talked about anchors in their lives such as the scriptures, their testimonies, the way the dress, the mission rules, and their missionary name tag.  I talked about how these anchors help them to stay true and not drift out to sea.  Bob talked to them about President Packer's talk from conference.  He said that they are the light to the people they are teaching.  We took them some Oreo's for after their meeting, which they enjoyed.  It is the rainy season in Samoa now.  Leaves have fallen from the trees and we are seeing beautiful spring flowers everywhere. 

Elder Taue, Elder Lesa, Elder Tamai, Elder Ale, Elder Fuimaono, Elder Sitivi


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