Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joy in the Journey

As I was listening to Elder Uctdorf's talk about having joy in the journey, I couldn't help thinking of the many times I have thought when something is over I will be happy.  I remember when we had a busy family with six children, I thought when my last child was out of diapers I was going to celebrate.  When that day came, I didn't celebrate because part of me was sad that I didn't have any more babies.  I remember when we had a young family, I thought that when they were older life would be better.  Now they are raised, I wish that we could have them back again.  I was thinking about conferences in the past when all the little children would have their coloring pages from Primary and we would all sit around the television and watch conference.  When our children got a little older they would play with legos or puzzles while we watched conference.  As teenagers, they would each grab a comfortable chair and sometimes fall asleep.  A couple of years ago Megan and I made cinnamon rolls for conference.  All these experiences created memories for us to reflect on.  The important thing is that we were all there and enjoying the words of our prophets and apostles.  Now our children are spread out living in Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Washington, and California.  How wonderful it would be to have all of them together again to listen to conference. 

We have had a good week.  On Tuesday we worked in the temple.  The session was small this week, but the Samoan people are all so friendly and so appreciative of being in the temple.  Elder Partridge and I always have the duty of escorting the four blind Samoan's from the veil to the Celestial Room.  This is always a choice experience.  Many of the Samoan's will shake our hands before entering the Celestial Room.  They are a lovely people.

South Zone

We went to a zone meeting in the South zone this week.  Elder Kepu and Elder Stevens are fairly young zone leaders, but they do a good job guiding the missionaries in their zone.  President Leota has been speaking to the missionaries about the importance of staying with their companion.  Elder Partridge and I took a turn speaking to the missionaries about this important topic.  Elder and Sister Mariner also came to this zone and brought cookies.  They had no trouble at all putting them away.

Spring Flowers

We had President Leota over for dinner on Saturday night because his wife is out of town.  We fixed chicken enchilladas which he had never tasted before, but loved.  He is a wonderful president and so kind to everyone.

I have really enjoyed seeing all the spring flowers and buds on the trees that are now coming to life.  We are seeing many varieties that we haven't seen before.

Spring Buds

One thing interesting about confence in Samoa is that our church building doesn't have air conditioning.  They have window slats that we open up for air and ceiling fans.  Of course everyone brings their Samoan fans too in case it gets too hot.  On Saturday, we had two birds that were flying from window to window and sat on top of the pews in the choir loft.  I'm sure they were wondering why so many of us were gathered on this occasion.  There is much joy in the journey.  We love working with the Leota's and the missionaries.  This is truly a wonderful opportunity to labor in such a beautiful land and with such lovely people. 

It's Spring in Samoa

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